Minecraft Server Application



  • All players, including staff must be respected and treated equally and appropriately.
  • No swearing, bully or behave in a racist or threatening way. in the chat
  • Construction / draw, no inappropriate things and do not write inappropriate things.
  • Griefing is fully prohibited on the entire server (except in Warzone). Greifing count as to remove or take things that belong to someone else or kill livestock who are on private land.
  • Do not use hacks on the server, such as X-ray is not allowed.
  • Advertising for other servers may not occur, on social media, chat, on billboards or on blocks. All advertising is prohibited.
  • Do not nag about things.
  • All kind of spam is prohibited
  • Sending Porn in chat results in BAN

(Info about Kingdoms+ commands)
/k (show kingdoms commands)
/k create <Kingdom name> (create your own kingdom!)
/k invite (invite a player to your Kingdom)
/k accept (accept an invitation to a Kingdom)
/k claim (claim Kingdom land cost 5 resource points and gives 5 mighty)
/k nexus (the Kingdoms “core”)
/k invade (invade and conquer other Kingdoms lands)

[admin/mods rules]

[1] Admins/Mods that De-op or take away others “ranks” will first be warned and they will lose thier permissions.
And if it happens a secound time they will be banned

[1] Admins / Mods som De-op:ar eller ta bort andras “ranker” kommer först varnas och kommer att förlora sina rättigheter.
Och om det händer en andra gång, kommer de att bannas